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Have you ever opened a website but it turns out that the website cannot be accessed from your place of residence. Or have you ever felt annoyed when you want to visit a website but the website has been blocked? You can use a VPN. The free VPN service for smartphones and can be downloaded by anyone to open the blocked sites. For those of you who want to download the free VPN service, here are some of the best vpn service you can use.

According to https://vpnpeek.com/ 

Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield, the first free VPN application that you can try is Hotspot Shield. This VPN Canada service is included in the list of the best VPNs because of its very high speed. You can use 500MB of data every day. Even in Google PlayStore, Hotspot Shield is a free VPN application that is most often downloaded by more than 50 million users. The advantage of this Hotspot Shield is that it is supported by the ability of today’s internet connections. Including also using 3G and 4G. Its size is only around 11MB.

Touch VPN
The second service is Touch VPN which has the advantage the ease when using it. This free VPN application has only one button and has no speed limit. You can use it freely in searching for something in the search engine. Not only that, but Touch VPN also has other advantages in the form of anonymous server options. Including large servers that are often used in the United States. Regarding security, it has been ignored because it already uses SSL encryption which is tough and the best. So, you can be protected from WiFi intercepts. In terms of size, it is slightly larger at 40 MB and has been downloaded more than 10 million users in the world.

Hideman VPN
Next is the Hideman VPN, developed by the developer of the same name. The advantages of this free VPN service are speed and security. Yes, security is an important factor in surfing. Hideman VPN apparently focuses on this security factor, which is equipped with 256-bit encryption. With this encryption, your internet activity will be more awake. Even so, Hideman VPN can only be used free of charge for five hours every week. In terms of size, it is not so big and can be used on all smartphone platforms. This is what makes it widely downloaded until more than 5 million users to date.

Psiphon Pro
In addition to the previous three free VPNs, there is also Psiphon Pro. Psiphon Pro was chosen because in terms of use you could say it is very easy. Initially, Psiphon can only be used for computer devices. The development of android was eventually made Psiphon begin to develop its products for this OS. Psiphon Pro has an excellent reputation for unlocking websites that are blocked by the government. The size of the free VPN service from Psiphon Pro varies, so you don’t need to worry and can be adjusted to the size of your smartphone. Therefore do not be surprised if Psiphon Pro bears the title as one of the best performance among IT users.


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